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Rupert Skin Update

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Rupert Skin Update Empty Rupert Skin Update

Post by Florence24 on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:36 pm

Had my vets refer him to the Queen's Vet School Hospital in Cambridge on Friday and we had an appt there yesterday.

He has basically been riddled with sore skin since June 17th so almost three months now and before then had it intermittently.

Got there at 11.30am and left at 5.30pm so we were there a good while!! He's had lots of tests, a couple blood tests for various things, checked for flea dirt and took samples of hair and skin from his sores which are around his waist/hind quarters/tail. Also took a sample from a pustule on his groin.

They think its an atopic skin disease and say he currently has skin infections basically all over in varying layers of skin which just wont go. He's got antibiotics for three weeks (3 x 600mg Rilexine tabs a day), Stronghold to kill off any mites living in his skin if there are any, hibiscrub to bath once a week and epi soothe to bath in once a week. Then in three weeks (providing the blood tests don't show anything) he will be back up there for an intradermal skin test. That's basically why he's getting the baths and Stronghold, so his skin is as good as it possibly can be before being tested.

He has been in a buster collar for two weeks now and it has to stay on for the next three weeks as well. Otherwise if he causes more sores and needs steroid gel, we can't do the test for a fair few more weeks.

Oh, and he hates baths! So this will be fun Rolling Eyes Embarassed

Rupert Skin Update 11-2-1

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