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Post by Sid_Wolf on Mon May 23, 2011 10:58 am

1. Accounts and Users
1.1 One account per person. Any dublicate account will be removed.
1.2 Accounts registered for spamming/trolling purposes will be removed.

2. Content and Posting
2.1 Posts should be contructive in nature, spam and trolling posts are not permitted.
2.2 Swearing is permitted in moderation, however any profanity aimed at another member is strictly prohibited.
2.3 Respect the views of other members, personal attacks or 'flaming' will not be tolerated.
2.4 Racial and hateful remarks, threats, abuse and slander will not be tolerated.
2.5 Posts containing or linking to any sexually explicit or illegal material are strictly prohibited.

3. Links, Advertising and Other Websites
3.1 Links to other websites (including other forums) is allowed, providing the website does not support or link to illegal activities/sexually explicit material.
3.2 Advertising of services is allowed, however the advertising of dogs for sale or dogs/bitches avaliable to breed is strictly prohibited.

4. Private Messaging
4.1 The PM system can and will be moderated should the staff consider it necessary.
4.2 Abusing or attacking a member via the PM system will not be tolerated.
4.3 The private messaging system is just that, PRIVATE. Do not post details of any PMs in public without the permission of the member.

5. Suspensions and BansShould a member break the above rules they will be given a warning, repeat offences will earn the member a temperary suspension. Should the member continue to break the rules they will be permenantly banned.

Duplicate accounts for suspended/banned members are prohibited, any such accounts will be removed and the IP address of the member permenantly banned. Should a member create an account on behalf of a banned member, that member will also be suspended/banned.

Any abuse towards a member of staff will earn the member an automatic ban.

6. Disputes
If you have an issue with a post, member or member of staff then please contact a staff member and we will do our best to settle the dispute.


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